Monday, October 7, 2013

How to Lose Your Way To Success

 We took this little guy to his big BMX Cup Race in Fresno this weekend. People were there from all over the world, and even the BMX riders who raced at the Olympics were there competing too!

The only problem with this race is, he has been racing in the 5 year old Beginner class. Well, he had a birthday and turned 6, and we took him to a race before this one, where he got 1st place, and we didn't know that was his 10th, win, which moved him up to INTERMEDIATE class. So it's like he skipped, 5 year old intermediate and expert class AND 6 year old beginner and went to 6 Intermediate.

So needless to say, he was not as fast as the guys in his class. He was peddling his little heart out, with some of the best of the best guys from all over the place! And he was just frustrated to come in last.

I saw angry parents, cussing and yelling at their kids when they didn't do well, and it broke my heart. In those moments when you lose, it's the time to remember that event the Champs like Michael Jordan, had to lose their way to the top!
We just encouraged Blakey that he peddled the fastest we'd seen him race, and that being with the more advanced guys would just make him that much better of a rider. And that even the Gold Medal Olympic winners had to lose sometimes, and that ALL EXPERTS had to start out as beginners every time they moved up!

So I encouraged Blakey, and he went and picked out a t-shirt, to commemorate his first big cup race, no matter how he placed, and a hat, and we went to dinner.
We went here, Logan's Roadhouse:
 You can throw peanuts on the floor, they bring you huge sweet rolls with honey butter, and our awesome waiter, even brought out a huge Sundae for the table to celebrate Blakey making it to the Cup Race!

This is how Ellie likes to play at the races....she was the Munchin in the group... These are the toys from McDonald's, and they are the most adorable things, the Wizard of Oz little characters, and have no fear: If you don't like to eat McDonald's, we just go through the drive through and you can buy, just he toys, no happy meal! It's awesome!

We loaded up on Shaved Ice, and that's where we found out about Logan's, the awesome people at the shaved ice truck told us to go there! So we did, both nights we were in Fresno! And I got to meet some awesome girls that watch my videos and read my blogs! To Jessica, Sylvia and Emily that came up to say hi, you guys are awesome and made my night with your kind words to me!

And Ellie insisted on pulling her Hello Kitty suitcase around the race grounds...ha ha ha

After 3 days of racing, I told Blakey, it doesn't matter if you didn't win a trophy this time, we won a bunch of fun memories in our hearts and had so much fun! We had fun wether he won 1st every day or not!

And on our drive home, after 2 hours of kids sleeping, we stopped and the kids made their own pizza's and we sipped on Strawberry and Vanilla Italian Sodas. The kids got to play in the playground at the restaurant. I kind a wished I lived near an Italian Restaurant that has a playground on their patio like this!
My blurry kids moving faster than the speed of my iPhone:

 We ate gelato, loaded back up in the car, watched Ellie's favorite Yo Gabba Gabba dvd another 5 times, then made it home!
 I told Blakey how proud I was of him. And that all the guys that move up, become better, because the guys he races are better. And that it how life is, you surround yourself with great people and you will become greater too! Don't look at what other people are doing and think, "oh I'll never be as good as them" or "I'll never be able to do what they're doing"....
Just you work on becoming the best you can be, and working harder to become better.

The first step to becoming a champion is to think like one.
And in the words of the great Michael Jordan:
"I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed."

Great people aren't great because they win every time, they are great because they've learned that in great success you have to fail, lose and make huge mistakes on your way to becoming great! The most valuable lessons are learned not in the winning and perfection, but in the mistakes and the losing!

Hugs to you especially if you feel like a "loser" or like you're not a winner right just wait, because all great people have incredible success stories because of all the mistakes, losses, and trouble they've been through, I love you and I know you're a champion and success story in the making, love your Kandee

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