Thursday, October 17, 2013

Juice Box Chic: My 3 Mini Outfits Of The Day

Long before I think about getting ready, I have a small army of little outfits to lay out...
So I thought I 'd show you a peek at what getting dressed before school, in my house, is like....
We'll start with lil' Ellie....
Her "fur" coat is from Baby Gap, last year, so I guess that would now make it "vintage".
Her little mint green shirt and floral leggings, we just got at Target, "Tar-jshay", "Targetino"...
The pink boots we scored at Marshall's, they are Cynthia Rowley.

Next up Alani...Camo leggins with tribal bejeweled-ness and matching shirt with pink studs on the collar: Target (again) from the  Disney "D-signed" line. I love the whole collection!
BOOTS: these cute studded, biker boots, that have rubber soles and are super "flexible" we also got at Target. I stinkin' love Target.

And last but not least, because Jordan wouln't let me show you his little man, Blake's kindergarden duds...
SHIRT: Yeah, fancy bow tie action: OLD NAVY
Teal skinny jeans: Target
HOODIE: Hoodie Buddy- yes, it has built in headphones so he can play his Nintendo DS and or watch an ipad movie all from the earbuds in the sweat shirt! And you can wash it! I love these!
KICKS: Vans slip-ons (they were black but we did some "sun-bleaching" and now they are awesome and faded looking.

We sang songs all the way to school....we try to do it at the top of our lungs, to get out all our "loudies" for the morning! hee hee hee

And after a long day at school...when I picked them up, Alani said she got "like 30 compliments on my outfit"!! And as we walked away a little girl came running up and asked how much her whole outfit was and where did we buy it?! She loved her outfit!

We then went to get an after school snack at Starbucks...they love the protein boxes, and Blake got a Cinnamon roll, Alani got a cookie and I got a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate...
Ellie was napping at home with my mom...but I brought everyone a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate too!
I even spilled it all over my wallet and myself walking to the car with my drink carrier, splashing out hot chocolate like I was a little fountain.

Side note: Ellie got things all over her shirt and of course, ended up in an inside out dress, that she insisted on wearing like that, and putting it on herself...we're well into the "I'm 2-years-old-and-am -learning-to-be-independent-and-try-to-do-EVERYTHING-myself" ha ha ha I love them!

Huge hugs and happy Thursday, your Kandee

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