Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Leaving On A Jet Plane, Don't Know When I'll be Back Again...

This is how it looked after we took off and said good bye to Las Vegas...
I had zero time to type my blogs while I was working there! If I wasn't busy working, I was busy with the kids or trying to sleep for a minute. The kids did have a fun time at the Children's museum and the movies while I was working...and my mom was the busy Kid's Entertainment Guide!
It might look like I've got a wrestling, choke hold on Ellie (insert the ha ha ha ha's HERE), but she fell asleep next to me, and her head kept falling to the side and I became the "neck pillow".
You see, she couldn't lay flat because, look how long she is now, her little feet were already against the side of the plane. And I sat like this with my sleeping bear, the whole flight....hee hee

When we landed, it was much cooler than the warm Vegas air....we needed sweaters, jackets, it felt like fall again!

We went to get warm mugs of hot chocolates and yummy dinner, at a restaurant far from the crammed Vegas options, and in a quaint little place where we were the only ones eating! It was like VIP service! We had yummy crostini and mugs laced with chocolate syrup...
Blakey and Alani ordered "fluffernutter" (it's like marshmallow cream) and peanut butter sandwiches.

We then went to Target to buy ONE thing, and somehow came out a cart full of treasures! That happens every time we go to Target! Every time!

Typing this from my cozy and warm home, sweet home, your Kandee

If you've missed out latest "kandeeland blog video", peep it here to see Ellie's costume collection, ha ha ha:

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