Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Birthday!

This might feel like a throwback Thursday post, but really it's just showing some of my favorite pictures with the first blessing of my life....being born to this wonderful mama! 
Happy Birthday Mom!!!
I am so glad you were born on this day, and I'm so glad I was born to you!

 My mom, me, and my Pound Puppy that I got for Christmas...I was so excited to get that "puppy"!

My mom's smile is the most loving, comforting, "everything is gonna be ok" smile to me in the whole world! My mom has sacrificed so many things to be the most amazing mama in the world, including her love of fashion design, she gave it all up to be the best mom that me and my sister could ever have!
She would do anything for me and my sister, I knew that from the time I was small and I wish I had the world to give her on each of her birthdays to thank her for being so selfless, nurturing, supportive, encouraging and loving moms ever.

Thank you mom for always encouraging me, my dreams, my creativity. For teaching us that love is the greatest things of all, that forgiving someone is the greatest gift we can give to the other person, and the greatest gift of peace to give to ourselves. For teaching me that, it's always better to let your anger go, and choose to love more than hate or be angry at someone. For letting me dress in whatever crazy ways my lil' mind came up with and that you never made fun of me, but encouraged my own unique-ness...well except for when I'd roll my socks like donuts around my ankles...I know that drove you and dad crazy! ha ha ha ha

I wish my mom could be the mom for everyone that needs a mom....because she will love anyone, hug anyone, offer a listening ear and encourage everyone. If you ever see her, she will just hug you and make your heart feel loved.

So Happy Birthday Mama....
you are blessing to me, that you are MY mom. You are my best friend (well, and Tiffany too) and I love you more than I could ever write here. 

Thank you for being my mom and I hope I can make your birthday extra-fun today, somehow!

To anyone reading this, and it might be your birthday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
And to anyone reading this that needs a mom or an "extra mom"...you can follow my mom on twitter @myextramom and I will always send you extra mom hugs!

You have bonus mama love from me and my mom!

PS. I'm gonna be uploading a NEW video on my Main YOUTUBE CHANNEL TODAY!!! Click here to see if it's up yet!!!


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