Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mornings in the "kandeeland kitchen".....love builders.

 This morning was my favorite part of my day....
All my little lovebugs...
I made waffles for Jordan and Alani and my two littlest health nuts, Blake and Ellie just wanted my morning Kale and Blueberry smoothie! (as seen above in Ellie's glass with a straw)

Alani is extra prepared and already has her backpack on!
They also love the Valentine's place mats, that are no where near ready to be seasonally appropriate for decorating! And also that Ellie takes this picture of Sydney and Audrey (my two neices, her 2 cousins, with her everywhere....even to the table for breakfast)...my fav part is she calls Sydney: Nee Nee and Audrey: Ott-tee

Jordan played the piano while I made breakfast....which I love. I love hearing him play the piano or guitar...he's ridiculously talented. And I love hearing my baby, play beautiful music that fills our house.
We ate apple or as Ellie calls them, Appie slices for a lil afternoon snack: Honey Crisp Apples- perhaps the most delicious apple ever!
   Blakey is my first little love bear that gets to come home from school. As we drove home from picking him up, he said:
"Everytime I see the door open when the parents (yes, he said parents) come to get their kids, I get excited when the door opens and think, is it my mama?!?" and my heart just melted...that my little guy's heart gets so excited to see his mama!

I pray that I will always be the amazing calm in their lives, the love that will never waiver...that they will always know, relationship love will come and go...life will have ups and downs, but mama's love will always be there in their heart, that I will always be that voice that can make everything better... and even when they are old and I probably will be in heaven...that my love will still love with them in their heart and that each word of love will remain engraved on their hearts...

and as I tucked my little Blakey in bed, I told him how smart he was, how strong he was, how brave he is, and how much I loved him beyond heaven and back....I watched the smile on his little, precious face, grow bigger and bigger with each word of me telling him how great he is- little guys, even big guys need that...to hear their mama's voice telling them, nourishing their very confidence that they are amazing- because this cruel world is ready to tell them they're not. Not just boys too, I tell Alani how smart and beautiful she is every day- to combat those mean girls at school that said she wasn't pretty enough to join their club! (oh those...  mean girls)

BE the voice, to whoever you speak to today, be the voice of telling someone they are great!

huge hugs and apple slices, your "kandee apple"


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