Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lil Friends....havin' a lil' afternoon sippin' party...

 Blakey opened some of Alani's "school lunch juice pouches" for him and lil Ellie to have an afternoon "drink".....They both went and sat at their lil table in the kitchen...and Blakey said, "now me and Ellie are little friends. I'll protect her no matter what!"
He in his hulk shirt...they sat, and he asked her questions like: "do you like your juice Ellie"
She'd say: "Yeahhhhhh!"
Blake asked: "Are you my little friend Ellie?"
Ellie: "Yeahhhhhhhh!"
And so they carried on their lil' conversation....I loved listening to every precious word!

My little babies....and "little friends".....they have special time together since Blakey gets out of school at lunch time, then it's just us 3 until Jordan and Alani get home!

Me and my 2 afternoon "sippers of juice"...ha ha ha ha

hugs and happy saturday, your kandee

I'm off to go film some super fun costume videos for you guys!!!!!

Watch this if you missed my new video that I finally uploaded on my extremely neglected 2nd channel on youtube- let me know if you like these videos!


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