Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's been 21 months & we're Vegas Fancy!

Strollers are the "item of the moment" for red carpet zones! ha ha ha ha
Me and Ellie cruising down the red carpet like we're fancy ladies!

I can't believe that 21 months ago today....she spent her first day in the world! She was blowing kisses and dancing last night and giving hi-fives to everyone! ha ha ha

Me and Ellie in the "green room" (that the rooms where celebrities and rock stars wait to perform and get ready or rest)...we felt so fancy to get to be there! And Ellie loved the apple juice in there! ha ha..she also really liked there was a shower in the bathroom and a seat that would go up and down in the shower! ha ha ha

oh she melts my heart...and I think she melted a few people's hearts last night besides just me too! ha ha ha ha Sometimes little ones make people smile, like no adult ever could!

we're off to the airport...bye bye Vegas we're off like a dirty diaper, your kandee

I'll be typing my outfit and a lil' glimpse of last night's fun on my other blog...CLICK HERE.

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