Monday, October 22, 2012

Babies in Vegas

 Me and Ellie with her "doggie" that kinda looks like a cat too....posing in Viva Las Vegas...
I know many people party all night and wake up late in Vegas...but not us.
Ellie has been ready to wake up at sunrise everyday. So I'm sure we are some of the earliest people up in "Sin City"!
My new "bff" Cassi, who made my hair awesome yesterday! Guess what I didn't pack- any hairstyling products, not even brushes or a comb! I was going to have to style my hair with my toothbrush! ha ha ha
And Ellie was making sure everything was ok. She brought me a pile of things to hold on my lap- you can't see I'm holding toys, shoes...all kinds of stuff that I'm sure made my hair come out better! ha ha ha ha

Ellie must be loving Vegas because she wants to get up extra early to enjoy extra time in her day! ha ha ha

Off to get in the shower...for another Viva Las Baby Day in Vegas....
can't wait for the big finally for the Battle Of The Strands Hair Show tonight! Then were' outta vegas, baby!

SLOT MACHINES FULL OF HUGS and you just hit the jack pot...tons of hugs from me, kandee

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