Monday, October 29, 2012

A Country Good Time...

We headed to the Pumpkin Patch at a ranch for some good ol' country fun!
It was so fun, we went back the next day too!
(Top pic: Ellie on a fake horse horse, but with a real saddle! ha ha See Blake climbin' up on ol' Plastic!)
heading to see the animals...
(my mom petting the pony...she loves ponies! ha ha)
Mr. Goat with his protective "horn covers"- tennis balls.....! Have you ever been chased by a goat! I have....we had goats when I was little!
hay slides...
Ellie bouncin' on day 2 of our fun!
Homemade Root Beer and Vanilla Cream Soda...delish! We even got Vanilla Cream Floats! And I almost swallowed a Yellow Jacket (like a wasp, or maybe they're the same thing, I don't know)...that flew in my cup! I imagine that would have been, not good!
Ellie and Alani in the "toy corral".
Ellie liked the "real" one!
Me pulling the "barrel wagons" on day 2 of our "pum-cation" (like a vacation but more pumpkin-y)
(being the "mama-razzi", taking a phone pic of Ellie)
Alani and Blake running off to see if better pumpkins were in the next patch!
Blake pulling our big pumpkins to the punkin' deal around $4 a pumpkin!
 I love this....a cowboy on his quad....

and some days, like when we were leaving....
I wish I lived on a Ranch...

ranch dreaming, your kandee

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