Thursday, January 3, 2013

My favorite breakfast and my furry bear:

 this was Ellie already to go out in the chilly air for some Mexican food!
(her  faux furry jacket is from Baby Gap, and I can't remember where we got her hat!)
 She loves, loves, loves this jacket.

And many hours and a meal or 2 earlier.....I made breakfast.

One of my favorite breakfast......CREPES! (yeah, I made my regular smoothie for breakfast yesterday, but since all the kids are out of school, I just want to make these delicious, yummy breakfasts to celebrate the "no-school-ness"!
 If you want to make these can click this for my Crepe Recipe Post. It's dangerously delicious and very easy to make...that makes it extra dangerous! ha ha ha

awwwww don't you just want to hug this lil bear!?

Happy 1-3-13! Kinda a cool date! That just felt so weird to type "13'" for the year!
computer hugs, kandee


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