Monday, October 31, 2011

Great Maternity idea- rental pregnancy clothes!

 (me in my various degrees of pregnancy- and the best part...not one of these shirts is a maternity shirt-just big normal shirts!)
this is such a great idea- which I, and I'm sure others have thought of- rental maternity clothes!
You rent all kinds of clothes you're not gonna wear again- prom dresses, costumes, even wedding dresses...and who wants to wear maternity clothes when you're not "maternity" anymore! ha ha
No one wants to wear pregnant clothes when you're not pregnant anymore, because it just makes you look pregnant! ha ha ha
Well, unless you buy some big shirts from the non-maternity section, like I did.
H & M, and Old Navy is where I went to buy normal clothes in big sizes to fit over my belly!

So if you know someone who's preggy and is in need of some pregnancy clothes, but doesn't want to spend a bunch of money....hit if Old Navy or send them this cool link to just "borrow" some pregnancy clothes for cheap, see click here:
(I'm gonna go post this on my pregnant sisters facebook...hee hee)

Who want a closet full of gathered, pleated or "wrap" style pregnancy shirts....? ha ha ha

now they just need one called, "stylish-funky-trendy-and-don't-wanna-wear-any-ugly-maternity-clothes"...ha ha ha

glad I just gave my sister the last of my maternity clothes...she has her own maternity company, called, kandee's pregnancy klothes...ha ha ha
hugs bigger than a pregnant belly, kandee


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