Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby steps or rather crawling to good things!

 Our outfit of the day...and what it look like when we kick and crawlllll....I got it on video (below) YAY!!!!

(shirt from Ross, skirt-pant from Naartjie, and felt hair clip, by I have no idea..ha was just a lil handmade clip from a baby store)

*and I know because someone's going to be worried I let her play with nail polish...ha ha, but she does like to go after any shiny, sparkle, or girly looking make-up product! ha ha ha

For any first time parents...don't worry about what all the books say....when your baby will sit, crawl, walk....I have 4 babies and some started early, some started late...but they all do it in their own time. And whether they started a month early or 3 months late (according to "baby books"), they all sit and walk perfectly fine now. So don't worry if your baby isn't keeping up with the "books" Imagine if we felt  bad like that...."all the books say I should be married by now- having kids by now- own my own house by now! ha ha ha

baby steps to greatness to each of you.....hee hee hee kandee


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