Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Work & A Surprise!

me with my constant computer computer and the internet frustrate me so much...
like giving me and "upload error" message after I had been uploading for over half an hour... on a video I've been working on for 2 days!
Then I type a whole blog, hunt down the links so everyone will be able to find where to get everything...hit save....and this morning when I go to finish typing my NEVER saved it!
not to mention the thousands of emails that overwhelm my lil' brain everyday... I wish I could reply to everyone but it is impossible...and that frustrates me...

but I've always had a strong work doesn't bother me, it just wears me out sometimes! ha ha

BUT, I have a little surprise I'm gonna get to share with you.....I will be in the same room with some Glee and High School Musical stars like Ashley Tisdale tonight...I'm gonna take you guys with me...hee hee hee and wherever I get to guys get to come with me as my beautiful butterflies on the wall!

so off to have a talk with my computer about working with me...ha ha ha
computer love...your kandee


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