Saturday, April 9, 2011

Special "sisterly" Surprise!

 my sister, Tiffany, me and lil Cupcake
Me and mama...drove down to Carlsbad, where my brother-in-law's (aka sister's hubby) parents see my sister and celebrate my neice's 2nd birthday!!!!
 the birthday girl (mt precious niece)...drinking "wah-wah"....and you can see me in the background rocking, a sleeping Cupcake...)
look at this incredible sunset.....
we had a delicious dinner cooked by brother-in-law's, wonderful parents....we laughed at my lil neice who is just too adorable and funny....and listened to brother-in-law's dad tell us about being in Tokyo during the big earthquake (he had just gotten there before the big earthquake!)...and now I am typing this with cupcake asleep in my arm...

and now I have a fun surprise! A video featuring lil' cupcake and our day!

happy morning...afternoon or night...and no matter what time of day, may your dreams be sweeter than sugar....your kandee


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