Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the road home...

 Little Cupcake ready to head out on the highway...sort of half way home
We left LA, which always makes me a little sad...
that's where I am from, that's where most of my precious family lives.
 this Bishop, California...the biggest stop on the drive home. And if we have to stop and sleep, which we did, this where we stop.
 Is this picture amazing? It is of the Easter Sierra Mountains, which is where Bishop is. This amazing photo hangs in the lobby of the cutest, Best Western hotel, I've ever seen! (click here to see more amazing inspiration and beauty I wanted to share with everyone!)
 there is a little creek running by the Best Western...see the cute little ducks?
 We got ate at Raymond's is like a tattoo shop meets biker bar meets an old record shop. Really fun, funky, and eclectic. There's an old yard rake that holds wine glasses, a Mr. T sign tells you to "throw your trash here, fool!", and a hilarious sign that says, "great food- lousy service"! Ha ha ha
and the sandwiches were incredible! I had the shredded turkey sandwich with cranberry mayo and the most delish macaroni salad!
we fueled up and made it home...
And I got to have all my babies home again! We had yummy dinner and played games...I gave baths...we read stories and had soooo many hugs and kisses!
We even had delicious macaroons for dessert!
Cute Blakey saying:
If the baby falls into anything I will catch her. If the baby falls in Hot Lava, I will catch her. I will always "be-tect" (protect her).

there is nothing that makes my heart happier than pouring love onto all my babies and seeing their lil' hearts soak it all up...and hugging and kissing and smiling with them!

huge love and back to my life where the only time I leave my house is to go to Wal-Mart, Target or to get groceries! ha ha ha
hugs kandee


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