Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Morning Messy Hairs & Make-Overs!

 Lil' Cupcake looking just "ducky" in the morning...can you see her "bed head hair"..ha ha ha
yesterday my mom was in luck...(ha ha)....she received a "make-over" courtesy of Alani and Blake...
who "did" her hair with clips and lotion, massaged her face and neck AND EARS with lotion...
Blakey put on "yapstick" (chapstick)on my mom...and told my her:
"You have a cow-tooth (we still don't know what a cow-tooth is), I have to crack it off!" ha ha ha ha

AND finally my stylish lil' man's outfit of the day: (and yes, he likes to help pick out his clothes and accessories)
HAT: Train Conductor Hair - from the gift shop at the train museum
SHIRT: Animal Shirt - from a lil t-shirt kiosk outside the movie theater at The Grove
HOODIE: we love stripes! Good ol' Target
JEANS: I think thye are hand me downs from my friend!
SHOES: Airwalk slip-ons from Payless (he loves these!)

and me:
my 5th night of working until 3am trying to edit and blog...then being up all night with baby....and I'm still behind! I'm surprised if whatever I type isn't riddled with mispellings! ha ha ha

sleepless and cuzzling with my lil Blaker and cupcake while i type this...
your kandeezler


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