Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coolest Baby Shower Idea & Blake's Outfit Of The Day!

(Blake's impressionistic masterpiece, that he said was "moke" (or better known to you and me, as SMOKE...ha ha, hangs on the left AND Alani's jungle inspired shirt on the right says, "BABY SILNO", which we don't know what "Silno" means or ...maybe that's what  she thinks they should name the baby!?)
 A bunch of blank onesie's hanging from a clothesline and a table full of fabric paints, pens, stencils and letter stamps....waited on a table for everyone's inner artist to come out and play!
 I went for a western theme...with a cowboy style shirt design....(this is the back)
 and here was the front...(i only used the pens so I'd be fast while mom was holding cupcake (real name: Elyse) for me...
my mom...who is an artist by nature and used to paint baby t's when i was a baby, painted this lil summery, palm tree scene!
This was such a fun baby shower idea!

Here's what you'd need to for this Fun and COOL BABY SHOWER idea:
 (great idea if you have a guys-invited baby shower too)
* a few packs of onesies and baby shirt in different sizes (0-3 months, 3-6 months and maybe 6-9      months)
* a few packs of cheap paint brushes from the craft store
*several different colors of fabric paints and fabric pens in your favorite colors (don't forget black too)
*stencils are fun too (i liked the leopard and zebra print patterns)
*a set of letters to stamp words or sayings is fun also!
*cardboard rectangles to insert into the onesie so the paint or pens won't leak through to the other side
*paper cups for water to rinse paint brushes
*paper towels to clean brushes and any messes
 Blakey is a man with his own style...from wearing his belts and hats sideways, to his love of wearing the 3-D glasses from the movies with the lenses popped out1

We went to a baby shower for my friend's over the weekend and this is what he helped pick out to wear:

Hat: blue hat from Target
Shirt: his fav Cookie Monster shirt from American Apparel
Jeans: I love the super cheap clothes for kids at H & M (these little man-jeans are from there)
Shoes: My friend, Jerry that does hair in LA, is friends with the guys that own Creative Recreation shoes, and they gave me these pair of super cool, striped and polka dot shoes! Blaker loves them!

And Alani is wearing cowboy boots today...
onesies, boots, and cooooookie monster....Kandee and her "kupcake krew"


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