Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Date and Booty Checkin'

 We had our first "play date" with our friends, and their lil' cutie, Ryker. He's a younger man, but just by a month or so. Elyse loves babies. All babies love other babies. She kept saying "Bee-bee! Bee-bee!"
 People listen when you do that with your arm. ha ha ha
Oh My Cute- he had a little tie, screen printed on his t-shirt.
 Elyse: "are you sure you should be doing that?!? Boys do way crazier things than us girls!"
 Awww, my lil Ellie Bellie, looks just like me when I was a baby here....and Ryker is still lovin' the activity table (It's the Fisher-Price one, if anyone is in search of a baby activity table!)
Ok, she was not checking out his diaper-booty....although it looks that way, she was mesmerized, intrigued, and quite entertained by the tag on the back of his shorts.....
look at her face- it cracks me up!
See. That tag right there. Kinda' mesmerizing huh? See you eye keeps going right to it too!
ha ha ha

PS. I love how it looks like we coordinated their outfits too! We totally didn't.
(don't read that like a "valley girl" way of saying totally, "Like we totally, didn't".)


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